We want your feedback!


At Centrered, we take your satisfaction seriously. That’s why we love receiving your feedback. In fact, we always want more of it. And now, with our new Ticket Satisfaction Survey, we’ve made it really easy for you to tell us what you think and to let us know how we’re going.

The aim of the survey is to collect invaluable client feedback on the quality of the service you received from your technician and what your overall experience was like when logging a Trax ticket with Centrered.

This new survey will allow us to keep refining our processes and systems to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience, but we need to be able to walk the walk if we’re going to talk the talk. And to do that, we need to know what our clients think of their Trax ticket experience.

Completing our survey is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Once your Trax ticket is completed by our technicians, you will automatically receive a Ticket Satisfaction Survey in your inbox.
  2. Rate your experience by clicking on the appropriate smiley face – green (satisfied), yellow (neutral), red (not satisfied). We might be called Centrered, but in this instance, we hope to see lots of green!
  3. Submit your survey and go back to your work in a matter of seconds!

From our end, we continuously assess all feedback received and work tirelessly to tailor our service delivery to your needs.

So next time our survey hits your inbox, don’t hit delete, hit a smiley face (well, figuratively of course!)

And remember, we are always only an email or phone call away if you wish to discuss your experience in more detail.