What happens when you log a ticket?


You’ve probably been there – diligently working when suddenly an important file crashes, the wifi won’t connect, or perhaps you’re unable to access your emails. You open the Centrered Trax Portal on your computer and log a ticket outlining your request. Ever wondered what happens at Centrered once you hit submit?

  • Our tech team receives an email – The life of a support ticket begins as soon as you submit your ticket through the Trax Portal. Our portal receives your ticket and automatically alerts the team to your ticket submission.
  • We triage the ticket – Our Service Coordinator begins processing the request by reviewing the support ticket and then triages the ticket based on the severity and impact of your request, and on your agreed Service Level Agreement.
  • The right technician is assigned – We receive a wide range of ticket requests and topics. Once the ticket is triaged, we assign the right technician for the job and schedule a time for them to start actioning it. Our technician will open the ticket, ensure all the required information is provided and go ahead working on it one-on-one with you until resolution.
  • Sometimes there might be slight delays – While we try to respond to tickets quickly, sometimes it might take longer than we expect to resolve them due to the severity of the problem. Some tickets might only require a quick fix, whereas others might necessitate a few follow ups with you. We also have high priority tickets that may come in, which means we are constantly adjusting our scheduling throughout the day. However, we’re focused on giving you the best experience we can and are committed to advising you of delays as soon as they arise.
  • We’re dedicated to providing a resolution as soon as possible – Regardless of the IT support you need, we’ll always do our best to be in contact with you and aim to resolve your ticket as quickly and smoothly as we can.
  • Once your issue is resolved, tell us what you think! – We’re all about delivering a superior customer support experience and constantly looking at new ways to improve our processes. To that end, we’ll soon be launching our new Customer Satisfaction Program where you’ll have the chance to tell us if we’ve done a great job and how we can further improve. We’re excited to receive your feedback so keep an eye out in your inbox for your opportunity to share what you think.