Meet Scott, one of our Technicians


Meet Scott, one of our level 2 technicians in the shared services team. He solves IT issues for our clients through our service desk and on-site.

The go-to solution for most devices is to turn the device off and on again, but Scott’s top IT-related tip is that it’s better to restart your computer, rather than shutdown. Since Windows’ 8 Fast Startup feature, shutdown creates a hibernation file to assist with Fast Startup, whereas a restart completely kills your machine’s processes and clears the RAM and processing cache. That is why your machine needs to restart after a system update!

Scott joined our team six months ago and has found the best part about working at Centrered is the unmatched banter. Oh, and

“The people are pretty cool too.”

Prior to Centrered, Scott had worked in the Northern Territory as a technician for the Department of Social Services. During his time there Scott was involved in liaising with Indigenous communities and setting up 4G satellites, which were used to provide remote communities with access to networks and resources.

Outside of work, Scott loves spending time with his partner, 2-year-old son and their two dogs. Father and son really enjoy walks and bike rides together.

If you don’t find Scott with his family, you can catch him building cars.

“I enjoy building cars in my spare time, and restorations have always caught my interest.”

Restorations have a history with Scott and his family. Growing up, Scott and his dad enjoyed working on restorations together.

“My Dad was my inspiration. He was a hard worker and someone I looked up to.”

As far as favourite places in the world, Narooma on the South Coast is Scott’s top choice, but Scott would visit Mesopotamia for the history in the ancient region. Today, this region now broadly covers eastern Syria, south-eastern Turkey, and most of Iraq.

The craziest thing Scott’s ever done is fly from SYN Stanton Airfield, then Minnesota to LA, and then drive from LA to Vegas in one go. For those who aren’t familiar with these cities, that’s about 30 hours of travel in one go!

While in Vegas, Scott also had the best meal of his life:

“Big Rack of ribs that took me an hour to eat.”

Speaking of dinner, his favourite odd food combination is ice cream and fries for the perfect mix of sweet and salty. If he could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, it would be Elvis, Pharaoh Tutankhamen, because of all the rich history surrounding him, Abraham Lincoln and Einstein for some really interesting dinner conversations.

We asked him if he had a secret talent, he’d be willing to share. His answer?

“Rollerblading. I’m really good at blading.”

We’re very excited for our next Centrered social activity that will hopefully involve rollerblading so we can witness Scott’s ‘blading’ talents.

Growing up he wanted to be an astronaut but his ambitions for space travel were abruptly put on hold once he learnt that he wasn’t such a fan of the ocean, the dark or the ‘unknown’.

If you want to get in touch with Scott or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website.