Meet Rachel, one of our Technicians


Meet Rachel, our newest Level 2 Technician who joined the Shared Services Team in Canberra six months ago. She’s responsible for solving IT issues for our partners, from user account issues to network security concerns and device login challenges. Often times, turning the device off and on again resolves the issue.

Rachel enjoys the variety that comes with our service desk, no day is the same while working at Centrered.

“Every day there is something different to do and somewhere different to be!”

Outside of the world of Centrered, you can find Rachel watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or engulfed in any book related to history or physiology. Despite her interest in these topics, the series that sits closest to her heart is Footrot Flats because her dad had the series, which started as a comic strip by New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball in the 70s. The original comic strip ran throughout the 70s to 90s with many unreleased strips being turned into various books. Footrot went on to inspire a stage musical, animated film, and even a theme park in Auckland!

Rachel’s family is spread across Australia which certainly makes for a good excuse to visit her relatives in places like Tuross Heads and Newcastle. Rachel’s 91-year-old grandmother inspires Rachel every day. She has lived an incredible life, with a career in botany, she assisted in the design of an arboretum garden, she completed her Masters at the age of 55, was the recipient of an Order of Australia, and dedicated many years to caring for her husband.

One of Rachel’s favourite places in the world are our Kiwi neighbours, New Zealand. Rachel was lucky enough to visit the North Island with her father where they undertook the hike up Mount Ngauruhoe, or if you are a Lord of the Rings fan—Mount Doom. They completed the walk in torrential rain that cleared only when they had reached the summit. Mount Ngauruhoe is located in the Tongariro National Park and standing at 2287m, the walk is not for the faint hearted. Over in Wellington, she had the best mashed potato she’s ever tasted at the Crazy Horse Inn, if you’re looking for a mash recommendation.

On the list for international travel and Rachel’s bucket list is Finland to explore and stay in a glass igloo. She can understand basic Spanish and Mandarin, so hopefully she can stop there on her next travels too.

If you want to get in touch with Rachel or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website.