Meet our new Head of Service, Andrew!


Andrew joined the team here at Centrered just over a year ago as the Technical Account Manager for Evans Dixon and recently has been promoted to our Head of Service.  A self-confessed family man, Andrew enjoys spending quality time with his kids whenever possible and is just as committed to his clients and team here at Centrered… 

 “As Head of Service I’m accountable for ensuring the Service Team delivers a consistent and outstanding experience to our clients. This entails overseeing the daily operations of this team, while reviewing and improving service efficiencies and effectiveness through processes. As well as maintaining good relationships with our clients.”

When it comes to service delivery, a positive outlook is essential to all operations here at Centrered and Andrew is a key player in creating and maintaining a proactive culture, both internally and externally.  Outside of the office Andrew and his family are fanatical about sport and he can often be found travelling interstate to assist his children with their many sporting commitments.  Being a huge tennis fan, he often comments he would like to swap places, or at least bank accounts, with Roger Federer as his plan for his eventual retirement.  

 Given the amount of knowledge and energy Andrew brings to the office daily, it’s no wonder he describes himself, like many of the Centrered team, as a morning person.  Andrew is always keen to pass on his valuable advice to team members and clients alike with his top tip being…

“Never click on links requesting you to update or confirm your details! If you’re ever unsure about this, get in touch with a member of the Centrered team for assistance”.

 Just like Andrew recommends, the team here at Centrered thrive on assisting our clients with knowledgeable and experienced advice.  If you are ever unsure about an issue, you can always rest assured one of the team will be on hand, able to assist you.