Meet Michelle, one of our IT Technicians


Michelle has been working with Centrered as a Technician in our Shared Services Team for the past eight months, providing efficient IT support to clients, all while trying her best to make them smile on those days when IT gets a bit frustrating.

The thing Michelle loves the most about working at Centrered is knowing that no two days will ever be the same. Sometimes, you’re out and about helping clients onsite; other days, you’re taking care of clients via phone or email.

Also, Michelle says she enjoys the bunch of awesome people in our team that she gets to learn from every day, and the fact that the office never gets boring – we are always happy! Her top IT-related tip is something a lot of us will be able to relate to:

“Always save your work along the way. There is nothing worse than losing a 3000-word assignment that’s due in 2 days.”

In her spare time, Michelle likes exploring new places like local cafés and restaurants. Michelle and her partner usually get up early on the weekends to grab a coffee and go for a walk. She is currently completing a Cert 4 in Information Technology – Networking, and at home, she is trying really hard to keep her three plants alive.

To find balance between her busy work schedule and home life, Michelle works hard to try to stay fit and eat healthy food. She has recently started practising yoga, and she says that it helps her slow down, focus on herself, and just breathe when it feels like she is constantly on the run.

A recent addition to the family is Michelle’s 10-week-old puppy, a red Groodle (also known as a Golden Doodle) with a white chest. She is sure that the new pup will give her and her partner lots of joy to come! Until we get to meet her fur baby, we’re loving the pics.

There’s an adventurous side to Michelle that took us all by surprise when she first started working at Centrered. When she finished high school in Germany, she packed some clothes and booked a one-way ticket to Asia. After spending a few months travelling around, Michelle found herself in Australia – but that’s now four and a half years ago! Little did she know way back then that she would call this country home.
Coming from a Vietnamese background, Michelle says that pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup) is hands-down the best meal she has ever eaten.

“It’s a meal that warms up your heart on a cold winter day. Whenever I feel sick (or a little bit worse for wear), a big bowl of pho instantly makes me feel better – a natural remedy!”

Like many of us, Michelle has been spending some of her time in winter curled up watching quality TV shows. She has just finished watching New Amsterdam and The Good Doctor and says if you’re also into medical TV shows, these two are for you.

“I can guarantee that it will be nerve-racking. You will laugh a lot, cry a lot, and hope that it never ends.”

When Michelle was younger, she was definitely a night owl that barely needed any rest. The older she gets, the more she cherishes a good night sleep of at least seven hours.

“I don’t have trouble waking up early, as my grandma always says: ‘the early bird catches the worm’.”

If you want to get in touch with Michelle or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website.