Meet Max the Technician


Max has been a part of the Centrered team for 3 years, working as a Technician to support Centrered’s clients with all their IT needs. In addition to that, Max works with our Professional Services team to help roll out new solutions and infrastructure changes.

His top IT-related tip?

“Press the windows key and the semicolon key (;) for an emoji shortcut 👀. This is also really helpful if you need to use symbols regularly.”

So, what does Max love most about working at Centrered? His awesome co-workers of course!

“There are some huge personalities in the team, so there’s never a dull moment. I also really enjoy getting out and about to client sites – this job takes me all over Canberra to clients with really interesting people that do some very important work.”

In his time away from work, Max likes to keep fit by working out as well as playing basketball with the Canberra City Stallions and a bit of soccer at Gungahlin United. He’s also kept busy by his two energetic Staffy puppies, who he walks every morning with his girlfriend Ange.

When he wants to relax, he’ll usually play games, watch various sports, or dabble with stocks.

Max loves animals and wildlife, and before travel restrictions came into place, he was lucky enough to fulfil one of his dreams by visiting the Galápagos Islands, which he says were ‘unreal’.

“I love wildlife, so to do a tour of the Islands and see all the rare animals that live there was truly amazing.”

Max is a bit of a traveller – he’s visited Europe, South East Asia, and South America in the past, and next up on his travel list is the USA. He’d love to do a road trip on the West Coast, making plenty of stops along the way including Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon.

When asked about the best meal he’s ever eaten, Max couldn’t make up his mind between his dad’s signature dish – Singapore Chilli Crab – or a roast duck cooked by his girlfriend’s dad. Gotta love a home-cooked meal!

While Max doesn’t watch a whole lot of TV in his spare time, he did recommend the Netflix-produced Formula 1 series titles Drive to Survive.

“Even if you have zero knowledge or interest in racing, it’s still an excellent watch!”

If you want to get in touch with Max or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website.