Meet Lewis


Being a self-confessed night owl, Lewis has certainly brought this after-dark alertness to the daytime over the last seven years he’s been with us here at Centrered. Lewis has recently moved across from working in our service department as a technician, to become our Sales and Account Manager where he gets to spend more time doing what he really loves – working with our clients. Why does he love getting out of bed and coming to work in the morning? In his own words, Lewis has a passion for “maintaining a positive working relationship with our clients and assisting them with their business needs as they grow and develop. I also love the social events at work and simple day-to-day interactions with my colleagues at Centrered”.

Centrered isn’t the only thing at the centre of Lewis’ universe though, you’ll usually find him heading out with friends and relaxing in his downtime. We asked Lewis a few questions to see what his life looks like outside of the office.

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

“I love to travel and have relatives living in the US and Malaysia that I love to visit. Although the world is a big place and I haven’t seen it all,  Japan is my pick so far!”

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

“Infra-Red”. We’re definitely impressed with your Crayola name knowledge Lewis… And of course, even more impressed that it’s a RED colour (what else?!)

What is your favourite family tradition?

“Christmas lunch, it’s all about the food.”

Do you have a top IT tip for readers?

“Avoid opening any suspicious email, if in doubt reach out to us so we can give you a hand.”

The next time you’re visiting our office or he’s visiting your office, be sure to say hi to Lewis. He’s always excited to engage with our clients and talk about all things tech-related to see how he can best customise our service to assist your organisation’s IT efficiency and security capabilities.