Meet Joshua, our Modern Workplace Analyst


Joshua has been an integral part of the Centrered team for almost two and a half years now, working with cutting-edge technology to develop solutions that empower our partners and clients, based on modern work and security practices. As a modern workplace analyst, it is his responsibility to design, plan and implement business transformation using technology but his best IT tip is a simple change we can all implement…

“Use a password manager to store all of your passwords securely and protect all of your accounts with multi-factor authentication.”

 If you think Joshua sounds like your typical tech-obsessed office worker you’d be mistaken. While Joshua does keep up to date on all the latest technologies and advancements, in his spare time you’ll be hard-pressed finding him sitting still. Mountain biking is his hobby of choice, and when he’s not riding the trails at Stromlo and surrounds you might catch him hiking, rock climbing, or just generally exploring and adventuring his way around the country. In fact, a few years ago he even came third in the Colts category of the Adventure Racing World Championships (a 627km non-stop multi-disciplinary race)!

At home, he’s on the tools whenever he finds the time, getting his hands dirty building and working on DIY projects with his wife Emily and dog Lucy. When we can fly again, Joshua would love to explore the mountain bike trails in Chamonix, France; but until then you can come and see him at Centrered where he can help modernise your business practices with all the latest technology solutions.