Meet Greg, Account Manager and IT Enthusiast


Greg started working with Centrered as an Account Manager back in February this year and in his short time with us, has helped many clients navigate and adopt new technology to help support and build their business.

Not everyone is a tech expert like the Centrered crew, so it’s Greg’s job to help people decipher the IT world by discussing outcomes and benefits instead of focusing on the tech itself with all the jargon that comes with it.

His top tip for people trying to modernise their business?

“IT is a big world, but you don’t need to be the expert. Try to find an IT partner not a provider. A partner will work with you, providing advice and solutions in using technology to help build your business.”

Since joining our team, Greg says his favourite thing has been the culture.

“The team here are great and very inclusive focussed. There is a real team feel that everyone has the same goal. Health and wellbeing is a big part of the culture as well, but the hamburgers on Friday are welcomed too!”

Outside of work, he is always kept busy with his active family and his many hobbies; Greg and his two sons play a range of sports including cricket, Taekwondo, and AFL – a sport in which he has been passionately coaching kid’s teams for the last six years.

On top of all the sport, he has his own Twitch stream, a podcast, and he runs a hobby group for miniature painting and PC gaming. He streams most nights, meaning 11pm is an early one for him!

When asked who inspires him and why, Greg gave an answer that made it suddenly and abundantly clear where he gets his passion and work ethic from:

“It might seem corny, but my mum. She raised my brother and I as a single parent with a chronic illness, but she never let that stop her. She was the strongest person I knew and always put us kids first. She taught me resilience, determination and how to make a great pavlova.”

We’re stoked to have Greg as a part of the Centrered team, and when you meet him, you’ll understand why!