Meet Grant, our Purchasing and Finance Coordinator


Meet Grant, our Purchasing and Finance Coordinator who joined our Corporate Team in Canberra six months ago. He is responsible for ordering new products for our clients, from laptops, monitors and licences, Grant orders it and ensures it gets to the right location. 

Travelling is something Grant loves to do and he isn’t afraid to go out on his own and see the world. 

“I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to backpack around Europe, by the end of my lunch break I’d booked a one-way ticket.” 

After almost a year of travelling throughout Europe, Grant had visited 11 countries and had created some amazing memories. And while he has no immediate plans to travel again, he has already decided on his next destination.

“I’d love to go to Lapland, see the northern lights and sleep in a glass igloo.” 

Travelling might be one of his greatest loves, unfortunately learning the native language is always a bit of a struggle for him. What tends to stick the most is swear words and some unhelpful phrases. He tried to tackle learning Spanish using Duo Lingo and successfully managed to learn the phrase, “soy un pato donde esta el baño?” 

“I’m not sure where I might need to know the phrase “I am a duck, where is the bathroom?” in Spanish but should the situation ever arise, I’ll be well prepared.” 

Apart from travelling, Grant loves to read a book or two, while sipping on a latte from his favourite café. Two books Grant finds hard to put down, “Don’t tell mum I work on the rigs, she thinks I’m a piano player in a whore house” by Paul Cater and “I hope they serve beer in Hell” by Tucker Max. 

“Both are the funniest books I have ever read!” 

If you want to get in touch with Grant or anyone else on the Centrered team, contacts us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit  our website.