Meet David, Canberra’s Senior Technician


David has been a part of the Centrered team for almost five years. As a Senior Technician, his day-to-day includes ticket escalations, assisting the Technicians with jobs, working on projects, and taking the opportunity to hold informal teaching sessions wherever possible.

David’s favourite thing about Centrered is the people that he gets to work with and the work that we do.

“I feel we are ahead of the average IT company in what we do, the products and services we use, and the fact that we’re not afraid of trying new technologies to find improvements.”

David packed up his entire life and moved to the other side of the world (Australia) when he was younger, but he doesn’t regret it one bit. He says it’s one of the best things he has ever done, though his favourite place in the world is still his home – Cape Town in South Africa.

“No matter where you are in the world, home is home.”

Away from work, he is kept busy with his two young boys. They all enjoy Sunday Marvel movie marathons and heading down the coast to the beach whenever they can. David has recently taken up surfing, and when there’s a good breeze, he’ll even take out his kite surfing gear.

David loves to cook and try new things when he entertains guests, and one of his obsessions is continually adding to his home’s automation. Ultimately, he would like to automate everything in his house (much to the dismay of his other half).

David is currently enjoying Ozark, Superstore, Animal Kingdom, and Away on Netflix and recently read John Grisham’s legal thriller, The Associate. If he could become any animal, he would choose to be a bird because “flying seems to be the ultimate freedom”. Maybe that’s why he loves kite surfing.

If you want to get in touch with David or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website.