Meet Daniel, one of our Support Analyst Team Leaders


Meet Daniel, one of our Support Analyst Team leaders who joined our Managed Services Team in Brisbane two months ago. Daniel’s role involves managing and leading his team of Support Analysts to provide IT support and services to partners of Centrered. 

 His day involves monitoring and addressing different IT issues, supporting his team with some of the more difficult issues and liaising between the Centrered team and the client’s internal IT team. 

One of Daniel’s favourite things about working at Centrered is having a team that is full of talented individuals. 

“When an IT issue arises, we can use our collective knowledge and skills to provide great IT support and services that help our clients to get their work done.” 

 Family is one of the most important things to Daniel and coming home to his daughter is one of his favourite things. 

“No matter how hard or challenging my day has been, coming home to her smile and hugs keeps me going.” 

It’s his wife and daughter who inspire him the most as well. They encourage and inspire him to do the best he can and remind him that any challenge can be broken down and overcome, one step at a time. 

“Their motivation challenges me to grow and try new things which has helped me become the father, husband and Support Analyst I am today.” 

When he isn’t spending time with his family outside, Daniel unwinds by playing video games. His favourite games to play always have a good story intertwined. 

With all the impacts that COVID shutdowns have had on working conditions, it didn’t take long for Daniel to discover his favourite working from home snack. 

“Can’t go passed a few pieces of chocolate and a good cup of coffee”.

He blames his love of chocolate snacks on the best advice he ever received: 

“Always keep an emergency stash of chocolate in the office, you’ll never know when you might just need it.” 

If you want to get in touch with Daniel or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us at  (02) 6239 4222  or visit  our website.