Meet Billy, one of our Junior Analysts


Meet Billy, one of our Junior Analysts in the Managed Services team. He helps to set up hardware for clients and assists with any IT issues they might have, both remotely and on-site.  

When it comes to IT tips, Billy believes that computers are like humans, and they need rest too. Just like we need to sleep every day, devices need to be shut down every one to two days. This helps them to operate at peak efficiency and turning them off and on again is generally a good troubleshooting step. 

In another life, Billy was the manager of a busy pub for 3 years. Through the rollercoaster of hospitality life, busy service periods and being short staffed, Billy adopted a mindfulness approach. Learning to take the time to slow down, breathe and focus on one task at a time.  

“With so many things out of my control, stressing just made me feel anxious and took the fun out of work.” 

Billy’s favourite place in the world is a small village amongst the French Alps, Chamonix.  

“A Christmas amongst the French Alps is quite different to a traditional Aussie Christmas.” 

With some of his family living there, Billy has been lucky enough to visit a few times. Once over Christmas where he got to experience his first white Christmas! Billy can’t recommend the village enough, especially if you love skiing and snowboarding.  

“Being a small, quiet village nestled in the mountains, the locals are lovely and it’s just the perfect place to unwind.” 

Billy believes that everything has a story, and that travelling should be about discovering the history and stories of the places you visit.  

Outside of Chamonix, if Billy could travel anywhere in the world, his destination of choice would be Chernobyl. He is fascinated by the city, from the abandonment, eerie atmosphere, and the stories that the city holds. He loves the idea of being amongst a large city but completely alone and is excited to one-day experience this unique location.  

If you want to get in touch with Billy or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website