Meet Adrian, one of our Senior Support Analysts


Meet Adrian, one of our Senior Support Analysts that help make up our valued Managed Services team at Centrered.

Adrian has been with Centrered for over five years, proving to be an invaluable asset to the team since joining in 2018. As a seasoned Senior Support Analyst, he not only works with our larger clients but also takes on a mentorship role, generously sharing his expertise with fellow staff. Adrian actively seeks opportunities to enhance systems and processes, striving to make every team member’s day more efficient and productive.

Adrian works from his home in Sydney but reunites with his team at the Canberra office every 4-6 weeks. His appreciation for Centrered’s flexible work arrangement goes beyond professional benefits. It grants Adrian the ability to spend time with his two-year-old daughter, wife, and extended family. Embracing life outside work, he finds solace in the tranquility of trail running and exploring the bush. This balance enriches his life, empowering him to return to work feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of inspiration!

Living by the mantra “if it’s meant to be, it will be”, Adrian embraces a worry-free philosophy. Instead of worrying, he devotes his time to daily learning, passionately absorbing new knowledge.

During Adrian’s monthly drive to and from Canberra, he seizes the fantastic opportunity to stay on top of the ever-evolving IT industry by tuning in to his favorite IT podcasts. His go-to’s include Ctrl, Alt + Azure, The Practical 365 Podcast, and Runas Radio.

His ultimate bucket list dream is an adrenaline-pumping experience: a spin in a fighter jet, soaring at supersonic speeds, and defying gravity with daring upside-down maneuvers. The thrill of feeling the raw power of the jet’s engines, coupled with the rush to defy gravity, fuels his desire to embark on this daring adventure.

For Adrian, his favourite aspect of working at Centrered is the diverse range of tasks he engages in, allowing him to constantly learn and grow. He finds immense joy in sharing his expertise with the team, as he firmly believes in the power of knowledge-sharing. As a big advocate of collaborative learning, he thrives on the opportunity to contribute his insights and witness the positive impact it has on the entire organisation.

If you want to get in touch with Adrian or anyone else on the Centrered  team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222.