Introducing Will, one of our Shared Services Technicians


Will joined the Centrered family in February 2021 as a Shared Services Technician. He’s one of our friendly voices over the phone or on-site for our partners tackling IT issues and providing advice and solutions. 

Since starting with Centrered, Will has most enjoyed the family-like environment because he comes from a big family and the ability to have fun in the office while focusing on delivering great outcomes for our clients. Our value ‘We are open and honest with ourselves and each other’ resonates the most with Will.  

For those sticky situations where Ctrl-Shift-Delete won’t do the trick, Will lives by Steve Wozniak’s quote, “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.” 

Family is the most important to Will. He is very close to his younger sister, who calls most days from Toronto where she is completing postgraduate studies in cinematography. He hasn’t been able to see his family face-to-face for some time due to the pandemic, so Sunday morning is family game time where Will can see them online and enjoy some quality time. His Mum is an incredibly important figure in his life: 

“I think that as someone who dedicated her life to helping people, working as a public servant and always having time for her kids (there are 6 of us) is something you probably don’t appreciate as much as a kid. However, when you grow up and realize the amount of effort that goes into being outstanding at your job and also being able to care for us, is quite something to behold.”

Outside family, Will spends his time horse-riding, cooking, bushwalking, and camping to enjoy nature and connect with people. While he prefers show jumping, just riding a horse is enough for Will at the moment.

“Bushwalking is what I enjoy the most and, if there is camping included, even better! There’s nothing like a nice bonfire under a starry sky with a good whiskey and a cigar.” 

Will once got into a bit of a mess by sleeping through his alarm and missing an international flight. However, like most things, Will learnt from his mistake and has grown to: 

  1. Drink more coffee and,
  2. Not to sleep the night before a big flight. 

So traumatised from the event, Will’s coffee order is now anything that is going – as long as it’s strong, but a doppio is his drink of choice. 

Will’s favourite local food is pizza from Pizza Arte in Kingston because of the quality and love story behind the business.

“I could easily polish a whole family pizza of any flavour! You simply have to go and try it, to understand what I mean.”

If you want to get in touch with Will or anyone else on the Centrered team, contact us on (02) 6239 4222 or visit our website.